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‘StartUp’ is a Great Series to Binge-Watch on Netflix

In 2016, video streaming platform Crackle released the series StartUp and the series was renewed for an additional two seasons. In May 2021, Netflix made the series StartUp available on their platform, expanding the show’s audience significantly. After binge-watching the show, I would recommend this show to anyone looking for a new show.

The show is about three different people who end up partnering together to create their own tech company. Izzy Morales, a Stanford drop-out and a coding genius, is developing her own cryptocurrency. Next is Nick Talman, who is a small financial loan officer, but his dad is a big-shot banker who launders money through his bank. Lastly, is Ronald Dacey, a member of the LH7 gang in Little Haiti in Miami. That is all that has been said about the show to not give away any spoilers, but the number of storylines that are possible is endless with those three as the main characters.

Obviously, the show can be unrealistic at times, but it does give an insight into the good and bad sides of tech. It is a mob/crime movie premise but with a modern twist since it is about a tech company that wants to be for the people and not play by the government rules. The storyline has big plot twists consistently, which makes it extremely easy to binge-watch the show. There are only three seasons of the show, but it consists of 30 episodes that are at least 40 minutes long. 


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