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As different businesses started to reopen, beauty salons, nails salons, and esthetician businesses were in that list of reopening. That feeling of getting your hair washed in an actual hair sink bowl and not the shower or kitchen is one the best feelings I’ve missed. But is it still safe to go out and receive these services? Cosmetic companies such as MAC, Sephora, and Clinique are open in some areas, but are not taking make-up appointments do to COVID19. 

As of last week and this week many states that went into reopening businesses, including the beauty businesses, have seen a surge in COVID19 cases across the country. This resulted in states closing all businesses again. But no need to panic, because you really can learn how to do these beauty styles and tricks yourself. I’ve seen so many people launch their beauty products and businesses during this pandemic simply because they were stuck at home, wanted their hair, nails, feet and facials done and learned to do them themselves. 

Not only is doing it yourself a safe way to protect yourself and others from COVID-19, but is also a way to save money. Maybe spending a little to invest in the products or business itself, however that’ll pay off in the long-run. Also with most people being laid off or furloughed, starting your own beauty and cosmetic business is a great entrepreneurship that is essential and on-going. Small businesses as far as beauty have grown through this pandemic by social media marketing and at home or in-house appointments. Still dont forget masks as people still require them during the service provided. 

YoutTube is great for learners like myself and new business entrepreneurs to learn skills and techniques. I’ve learned how to do my make up and pedicures on YouTube. This is the most essential tool people have used over this pandemic, besides Facebook live and Instagram live videos to learn new skills and techniques. People have even been creating their own hair and skin oils while at home as well. 

Trust the timing and use it to do it yourself and I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with your own work and products. Beauty is an always growing business not everything or one thing works for you or myself. So doing it yourself also customize things for your hair, skin, and body and others with the similar texture of hair, skin, or body. 


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