Fashion Designer of the Month for February 2022


Stella McCartney is one of the initiators for ethical, luxury, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly fashion. When we think of ethical fashion McCartney is the first to come to mind. Her brand really is the whole package. Even her stores use solar energy and LEDs. The stores also use recyclable materials for packaging their products.

Stella McCartney also follows these 4 fundamental practices when it comes to sustainable fashion. Respect for nature, respect for people, respect for animals, and Circular solutions. Stella McCartney’s commitment to having a sustainable brand is clear through the work she puts into her collections and the message she is trying to send with her brand and company.


Past Picks of the Month

Mara Hoffman

Maria Grazia Chiuri

Kimberley Gordon

Jacqueline Durran

Tommy Hilfiger

Colin LoCascio

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