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Stella McCartney Pushes Leather-Free Style with Live Horses at Paris Fashion Week

Have you ever seen a wild horse at a fashion show or an animal whisperer? Stella McCartney, an English fashion designer known for her fur-free and leather-free apparel, has officially brought live horses to the catwalk. 

The event was held at L’École Militaire, France’s oldest riding school, where Jean-François Pignon, a horse whisperer, led seven wild horses down the runway. McCartney’s philosophy has always highlighted the sustainable and ethical importance of fashion, and her Fall Winter 23’ collection, HORSE POWER, was no different. According to Vogue, she said: “This show is very much about the relationship between all creatures on planet Earth. Whether you’re a horse or not, this is a cruelty-free fashion show.  I’m trying to remind people that the things they’re watching on the runway and buying were once living beings, like these horses. There is a connection to be made.”

Stella McCartney has sparked a lot of ethical debates on whether live animals should be brought to fashion shows, but she continues to stress the importance of doing fashion in a different way where you can be luxurious without killing anything. In fact, leather has been featured in almost every Paris fashion show, but Stella McCartney continues to push her leather-free message with her latest collection. Not to mention, HORSEPOWER has been crafted from 89% sustainable materials, making it McCartney’s most ethically conscious collection yet. However, the key innovation of her collection was the use of Mirum– a plant-based, plastic-free, and circular alternative to animal leather in her first-ever luxury handbags, as well as S-Wave and Frayme bags with crocodile-effect AppleSkin, which is made using apple waste from the food industry.


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