Steve’s Unforgettable Job

Steve Jobs, Co-founder of Apple, died yesterday, October 5th, at the age of 56. According to reports he died peacefully, while surrounded by family. A cancerous tumor was first found in his pancreas in 2004, and he underwent surgery for it that year on August 1st. This past year, on August 24th, due to the illness he resigned as CEO of Apple and stepped down as chairman. Before stepping down, he went on a medical leave of absence at the beginning of this year, after a 6-month leave taken in January 2009, to undergo a liver transplant. It’s obvious how hard it was for Steve to step down, but also how important it was for his health.
Steve certainly lived up to his adopted name; he worked ruthlessly to get the Job done. His incredible journey began in 1968, at only 13 years old, when he began an internship with Hewlett Packard. Steve later dropped out of college, but my guess is it was because he was on a mission and would not wait for anyone to slow him down. It’s undeniable the mass effect this man has had in the world of communication and on the highway of information. From his involvement with the Graphics Group division of Pixar, to his Macintosh journey of launching the Apple Store, which would later carry: iMac, Macbook, iTunes, iPod, iPhone, iPad and more, Steve has played far beyond an integral role in making an instant world for everyone. Often scary how fast information travels, we all know it is incredibly useful and has allowed our world to flourish and progress immensely.
Steve was known to have a Type A personality, but it was because of his relentless and ambitious desire to create a more accessible world of communication that he was so successful. In 2006 Steve joined Disney’s board as its top shareholder when Disney bought Pixar. It was later estimated in March of 2011 that Steve’s net worth was approximately $8.3 billion. And in 2007 Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger welcomed Jobs into the California Hall of Fame. Thank you Steve for all you did to further our world. Who would have thought a piece of fruit for a computer would flourish so well? You got the Job done Steve.


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