Streets Kill

Heroin residue syringes, broken rubber bands, coke and crack binges, empty
vials litter our land, I can walk around pick them up recycle them by color,
and sell them for a discount back to the drug man, its like recycling cans,
I can probably find the needle that’s infected with aids, I can probably
find unused crack from someone who overdosed, now laying in a hospital
stomach flushed, comatose. fed up family members just watch the phone ring
when the caller I d say’s “local hospital” its the usual the same ole thing.
If its not the hospital its “collect call from sing sing would you like to
except?” House holds block calls, they rather you be in jail biding alone,
rather than you disturb a peaceful home. Felons repeat their motive 1000
times, only got caught twice, now its 1001 un lucky, three strikes, life.
another lost son, its triph, opposite of triumphant, momma just lost her
precious infant, now he/she is a number a statistic, momma said this would
be their fate 6 feet under, or a life long inmate, the hood doesn’t listen,
friends in prison I have a long list, I also have a deck of funeral cards of
friends that went to god that I dearly miss, The sounds of gun shots echo,
so down the block “ortiz” hears it and celebrates, ching ching more
funerals, please donate some funds for another dead one, this was the sign
that was constantly used trying to bury another poor youth.
A picture a few candles empty alcohol bottles- project makeshift murals-.
I’ve seen more violence than the leviathan, saw the affects of urban
pestilence, that’s the drug trade, a bubonic plague, it runs rampant in our
low income tenements. Kids get lucky to live pass twenty, now past twenty
they hustling on the block heavy with daddy, its hereditary, its in their
genes, its a daddy and son team of feeding fiends , its routine like cabrini
green, a blood bonded regime, all for fame, females, some gold, and for fast
machines made by the Europeans, audi bmw mercedes benz
Infinite the Poet 2011
Albert Carrasco

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