Stuck on brunch? Calle Ocho has just the remedy

For a satisfying, tasty brunch, Calle Ocho has got us on the bandwagon. This Latin-inspired restaurant has a reason for attracting such a large wave of customers no matter where it is they roam. And though every aspect of this restaurant is alluring, it’s their weekend Boozy Brunches that take place between 11 am and 3 pm that keep me coming for more. 

For over two decades, Calle Ocho has graced the Upper West Side from three distinct locations, the most current of which is on 106th Street and Broadway. The restaurant is recognized for its unique and strong taste combinations at a price that won’t break the bank, and when looking at a brunch menu that makes you want to keep ordering, the stars say it’s convenient. At just $38, customers can purchase anything on their brunch menu, which includes but is not limited to honey-soaked French toast, ropa vieja, and their signature omelet. 

In addition, with brunch you get complimentary sangria on rotation until your plate is empty. Calle Ocho’s sangria selection – in case I wasn’t clear enough… is free – and includes 10 different flavors of the drink. With your reservation you have an hour and a half to taste all 10 sangrias without having to pay for them. Although it may be difficult as their sangrias are served in 16oz glasses. Happy sipping!

Personally, I like my brunch to have a bit of everything – something sweet, something salty, and something to wash it all down. The fact that there is a place in New York City that could check all of those boxes had me sold at the first mention of the existence of this restaurant. Not only this but the meals at Calle Ocho are influenced by Cuban, Peruvian, Dominican, Spanish, Venezuelan, Costa Rican, and Puerto Rican cuisines, which give unique twists on classic recipes. Imagine a marriage of Latin foods in your mouth incorporated with classic dishes you may know and love already – Calle Ocho has it all.

“There are many things representative of a New York City weekend,” says the Calle Ocho website about their top-tier brunches, “but above all else New Yorkers can’t seem to get enough of their brunch! It’s almost like an Olympic sport; trying to find the best brunch deals in NYC.”

On their website, customers can make a reservation to eat at the restaurant, making it convenient to access. My suggestion is that you click onto the attractive “Make a Reservation” tab, click on a weekend date, and find yourself a table for a relaxing Boozy Brunch at Calle Ocho.


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