Men in heels?

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Are men in heels coming back to fashion? Fashion continuously repeats itself and if you look back centuries ago even Louis XVI’s attire consisted of a pair of expensive heels as a sign of nobility in France. Napoleon was the one who banned the style but did men really want to stop the elevated shoe trend? Men’s heel fashion was even brought back in the 60’s when they were wearing bell bottom pants. So who says it can’t come back to style now? Aren’t women’s latest trends 60’s inspired? As far as I’ve noticed or from what I have personally witnessed; male models, and a few personal friends enjoy wearing heels for the look. Our society has become so judgmental about what and how people wear, but styles have changed! Not everyone who wears heels is a woman, or a gay man. Even celebs like Sean Wagner and Derek J flash in heels. So do us all a favor guys grab your favorite pair of heels and flaunt them!

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