Are Rappers Taking It Too Far?

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Fashion renaissance in the making? Hm. Fashion is one of the most blatant signs of changing times, and Hip Hop artists are now becoming as mainstream as pop singers so it’s only expected that they too influence fashion; but how much is too much? The rise in metrosexuality has allowed for men to express their style in ways that don’t raise questions regarding their sexuality, but perhaps this is a gift and a curse. Lil’ Wayne was the subject of much talk after he appeared at the 2011 VMA’s wearing women leggings; apparently though, more rappers want to get in on the women’s wear trend, one of them being hip-hop fashion icon Kanye West. West has always had a passion for fashion and even decided to launch his own line, which according to critics was a flop. Now, the rapper might be going a little extreme by deciding to wear a skirt to one of his concerts. According to him, he was wearing a kilt, but I haven’t seen many leather kilts. First men in heels and now rappers in leggings and skirts. Are the gender lines being blurred too much in fashion? Are hip-hop artists trying so hard to make their fashion mark that they’re taking things completely overboard? When does it stop being trendy and start being overly feminine?

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