Is Michelle Obama Wearing a Knockoff?

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So what do you think? Well let’s just get the facts straight. Michelle Obama wore the ASOS in Metallic Stripe Dress to the Halloween annual White House Trick-or-Treat event with a black pea coat and knee-high boots. Now we all know when it comes to fashion Michelle Obama is extremely stylish, classy, sophisticated and very designer conscious. Although she looked astonishing, it wasn’t long before critics noticed that the dress was way too similar to the Savannah Striped Dress from Diane von Furstenburg’s fall 2011 collection. Caught red handed, Michelle Obama was wearing a replica aka knockoff. Not only is the price range completely different ($72 for the ASOS Dress and $498 for the original DVF), but the only thing not the same about the dress is the neckline and the richness in color. Obama is ashamed to shop fast fashion as she was noted before for wearing an H&M dress on the campaign trail. Even her inaugural ball gown, designed by Jason Wu, was reproduced by ABS by Alan Schwartz.

She may love to wear fast fashion but since she is constantly in the eye of the media her every move is watched and criticized. Especially since the fashion industry is already fighting copyright protection. For instance, many designers including Diane von Furstenberg who is also president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (which is a group to protect the creative idea and designs of fashion), are upset because they believe that it’s more than just design, it’s the value of the person’s intellect. This is true but fashion itself does repeat itself and for the most part is very similar with slight changes.

Who knew that she would get so much criticism for not purchasing the expensive dress? What’s your opinion on knockoffs?

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