Nicki Minaj “Offensive” new look

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Nick Minaj

During the the Grammys, Nicki Minaj decided to appear in a red, drapey, Versace-designed nun like dress and she was with a man dressed up like the pope. Now looking at her dress, all I could think is, “What is she trying to do here”, Why would she decide to dress like that?”, maybe she was thinking that she might turn some heads and gain the spotlight. Well mission accomplished, she got what she wanted but not in a good way. This look doesn’t even work in Nicki Minaj. To make matters worse, her performance didn’t help at all, in fact it annoyed the Catholic church with her mock representation of an exoticism, dancing monks and for the finally, Nick Minaj levitating. This is an embarrassing for her career and it’s too bad because Nicki is a great rapper with so much to give.

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