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As fashion-entranced subjects, we all try to look good no matter how much we’re willing to spend. There are the runway-on-a-budget fans, the I’ll-look-like-a-wierdo-but-it’s-Gucci types and ones who simply have no financial limitations. This is a special breed of fashionista. a $3,000 bag that you use all the time is somewhat understandable, but check out this tiny $2,000,000 Hermes bag. Yes, there are six zeroes. TWO MILLION DOLLARS. This bag is solid gold and diamond-studded, and oddly enough too small to hold-well, anything. Glorified change purse? Nice to look at, but absolutely useless. There were four mini diamond-encrusted handbags that can only be worn as bracelets because of their weight. “We are a little crazy here” says designer Pierre Hardy. He said it. Not us.

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