Winter Wonders

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So now that it’s freezing outside, we can finally layer up and go crazy with different fabrics and designs! Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s just check out a few things that are winter wonderland approved.
Pull out the peacoats! This is a trend that will never get old. Peacoats allow you to keep that classy look even when it’s freezing outside.
Play with patterns! Don’t let the gloom of winter get to you. Take the chance and spice things up. As nice as the dark blue and black peacoat looks, don’t be afraid to throw something more daring on underneath it.
The dark, red wine color is in. Use it.
Pointy toes will never compromise your fierce looks, so while boots are the obvious go to, experiment with some pointy to shoes for those holiday gatherings that you go to just to impress some old friends.
o While, knee-length boots are still in, do NOT try a collaboration of knee-length and pointy toes unless you are ready for that kind of night.
Laid-back is okay. As long as you keep it cute, if you want to throw on some leggings and a simple top, go for it! Sometimes you have to let the accessories do the work.

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