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Ethik Clothing has made a huge impression on me recently. I walked into their store in the Lower East Side a few weeks ago on a whim, and I was impressed. The relatively small store was huge in variety. Picking one item to go home with is damn near impossible when there are piles of great merchandise lining the store wall to wall. Even better is that the store only carries original products. There’s no hidden Odd Future tee’s in the $10 bin here. Seems to indicate that Ethik isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

What may be even more cool than the fresh clothes is the projects and collaborations the guys at Ethik have been cooking up. As any good fan would, I went home, liked the Facebook page and did some research on my new clothing crush. They promote some pretty dope artists and are involved in some great shows. They’re featured in Vice magazine and even boast connections with the Pro Era crew. In fact, this Friday, January 18th they are having an in-store party and performance to promote their mid-winter line. Stuff like that really makes me like the company, not to mention great performers like Good Looks’ very own Sam Siegel and more. Check out their Winter collection, and the site

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