Seeing Blue Everywhere? Here’s Why

March 20th, 2020   admin   Uncategorized Tags: ,

Pantone has released that Classic Blue is the color of the year and we hope you are just as excited as we are. We’ve seen the usual pastels and trench coats introduced in the spring 2019 fashion shows but did you notice the understated pop of blue? Fashion designers have creatively incorperated the blue while showing it can work with just about any part of your wardrobe.

Fashion has changed drastically in recent times, from only following high-end trends to a more creative thrift shop approach to personal style. Some designers, however, are rebelling against the idea that classic blue is this year’s color. So thank you, Pantone, for the suggestion but fashion doesn’t have rules. Not to say that the color wouldn’t look great on a cute pair of shoes.

By Jocelyn Colón

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