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With the pandemic still in full swing and infecting thousands and putting everyone at risk, despite malls and store openings, a lot of shoppers are hesitant to be in closed spaces with others who could be a carrier without knowing. For this reason, online shopping has become even more popular than it already was with websites like TJ Maxx needing to pause orders on their website because of its popularity. Just because you may not feel comfortable going to stores yet, doesn’t mean you have to have an empty closet. Here are five websites that are reliable, trendy, and reasonably priced to check out from the comfort of your own home.

Fashion Nova is one of the top online fashion stores for women but also carries men apparel. Countless YouTubers and influencers buy and rate their clothing so you know it’s legit and trustworthy. They always have a special deal or discount and have pricing that is reasonable especially for the quality of clothing. From experience, Fashion Nova apparel is almost the same in person as what they put on their website which is a huge fear when ordering online. The shipping did take a little longer than expected but it was worth it.

Hello Molly is my absolute favorite online website because of how drop-dead gorgeous their dresses are. Not only are the dresses amazing quality but they come relatively fast. The price is comparably more than other similar websites but worth the investment for the look and feel of the clothes. Although standard shipping takes a little longer because this website is based in Australia, expedited shipping speeds up the process and is only a few extra dollars. After Pay is also an option for Hello Molly which is a method that can be used to pay in increments even after the product is received to not take a huge chunk of cash from your account at once.

Shein is an international online website that mainly focuses on women’s apparel but offers other items for men and children as well as accessories etc. Shein is especially known on Instagram and Youtube for their cheap bathing suits for cute suits as low as ten dollars. Although you may have to wait weeks for your items to come, you get a huge amount of products for all-time low prices. A similar website is Zaful but after the recent controversy over an antisemitic item being sold on their website, many have chosen and should choose to take their business elsewhere.

Revolve is a more high end online shopping website with bigger brand names and better quality items with prices that reflect this. They have also begun to offer trendy masks to promote keeping safe and healthy during the pandemic. Their website includes Instagram posts of shoppers who have purchased their products and loved them. My favorite element of their brand is the diversity of the women who model products of their Instagram. It appeals to and includes women of many different body types and races which I love to see.

Boohoo is a men’s and women’s fashion website that also carries an extensive collection of plus size clothing. The website is very fairly priced with sales almost every time you browse. Their Instagram page has almost seven million followers and not only shares clothing posts but makeup/beauty products as well making it a truly versatile website to shop.

Before you shop around on the surplus of websites advertised, make sure you do your research and only pay when you know for sure the site is reliable and will give you what you’re paying for.

by Grace Lawton

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