A New Twist on Jeans

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There is no question that jeans are an essential item in a wardrobe. The versatility of jeans and the hundreds of styles mean that this staple item works for a multitude of occasions. Whether it is a night out or a casual event, jeans manage to unite us and allow for one’s unique style to shine through. Although there is nothing wrong with wearing your favorite jeans the way you desire, there are many ways to alter jeans in a way that can push you outside of your comfort zone. Besides the usual addition of a belt or accessories, here are some options to consider if you are looking to put a new spin on this everyday item.

One of the most popular and simple ways to make a statement with your jeans is to cut holes or slits on the pant legs. With the right pair of jeans this alteration can allow for a casual yet put-together look. Not overdoing it with the holes and pulling on the strings highlights this easy modification. While on the topic of cutting your jeans, cutting the bottoms of your jeans can accentuate whatever shoes you are wearing, especially if they have a platform.

Sometimes the hot weather in many places can make wearing jeans almost impossible. When it’s hot and humid, the thought of spending forever trying to squeeze into jeans may seem exhausting. Therefore, cutting a looser pair of jeans into shorts is not only more convenient but can allow for an array of styling options. Going the route of cutting your jeans into shorts and either rolling the bottoms or pulling the strings on the bottom creates a more laid-back look. Fortunately, one of the many new fashion trends that has surfaced is the look of longer shorts. Coupling long denim shorts with your favorite t-shirt is a fun new way to create a casual yet put-together look.

Another new trend that has surfaced is using bleach on jeans to create an interesting and unconventional look. Using bleach on the parts of your jeans that you want to be lighter and then leaving it in the sun is a fun way for people to stay entertained in quarantine. From the ability to bleach the back pocket or even a whole pant leg, this activity is not only creative but easy. Along with bleaching, a way to add a pop of color to this everyday piece of clothing is sewing on patches to your favorite parts. From patches that are found online to ones that are important to you, this technique can make your favorite jeans even more personal!

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