Irving Plaza Shows us Style

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Last night I went to the Big Sean concert at Irving Plaza and fashion was definitely on front lane street. With so many big names from Jay Z to Kanye West you would think everyone would be dressed to impress? Wrong! I saw fashion from the mid 80’s to the now new and present, and although fashion is defined as personal style everyone can’t claim that thrown.

One of the better fashionably dressed fans at the concert decided to use his laid back charm to compliment his calm outfit. In a white button down shirt with a pair of dark denim nudie jeans he decided to show of his clean look which he did well I might add. But he gave himself some edge when he decided to wear a mint green Brooklyn Circus varsity flight jacket. The jacket gave a sense of urgency, zest and spunk. Maybe it was the big stitching of the known symbol “BKC” that made you stare, perhaps just the color. I mean “The Brooklyn Circus” has been known for their bright colors and famous logo t-shirts that many absolutely adore like Jay Z (again who was in attendance at the concert). That being said I guess it’s safe to say this Big Sean fan fits in the equation of fashionable and he came out in style.

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