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Boat neck dresses, asymmetric shirts, bright bold colors, and seamless skirts are what I look forward to seeing this year in fashion. Lately I have been disappointed when I go shop in various retailers because I don’t find anything that complements my interest.

People’s style in clothing rapidly changes during the course of the year because of that it becomes extremely hard for some individuals to get inspired by a collection sold at popular urban retailers. Those who are daring to be different or try out new things are becoming overwhelmed by the similar collections sold at stores to avoid looking like everyone else. In an effort to finding their own creative niche some people have gotten accustomed to “thirfting” which is simply buying items for cheap at thrift shops, sample sales, flea markets and the Salvation Army. The items sold were previously owned, outdated and unique in their own way. People who thrift shop have an open mind and they are typically looking for items that suit their current interest.

“Thirfting” has become a new trend amongst the younger audience that is daring to spice up their ensemble with vintage threads. Check out your local thrift shops and unleash the bargain treasure hunter in you.

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