Birds of a Feather…

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Certain fashion trends are around maybe for a season or as long as a year. Recently a lot of the trends have been recycled from the 70’s and 80’s such as fringe accessories, moccasins, snap backs and feather earrings. The trends only seem new to the younger generation because they weren’t around to see where the styles derived from. After awhile some trends are over commercialized and lose their initial value. Which leave me to question how many of the Summer trends will roll over to the Fall season?

This summer feather earrings have made a tremendous comeback and can be found in several people’s jewelry collection ranging from a variety of colors and styles. The earrings are currently sold at most retailers but I’m sure people are wondering when will the supply on feathers run out? Feather earrings are seen everywhere from celebrities to people walking from the corner deli so you may want to purchase your pair of earrings while supplies last. I wonder what will happen to the featherless birds that are contributing to this feather phenomenon.

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