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‘Succession’ And Why It’s Okay TV Shows Don’t Include Covid-19 In Their Storylines

When ‘Succession’ was first released three years ago on HBO, it demonstrated yet again why the media conglomerate is a major player in the entertainment industry. From winning countless Emmys and critical acclaim to positive audience reception, fans and critics alike are anticipating the show’s third season coming late this year. However, some are upset as to the recent revelation that, unlike other shows, ‘Succession’ season three will not include the Covid-19 pandemic. Although it seems crazy when Covid has been all society has talked about the past year and a half, it may actually not be such a bad idea.

Since Covid-19 has been introduced to the world, it has done nothing but wreak havoc and disrupt lives. For some, television and movies were used to drift into a reality where everything was okay and the pandemic was nothing but a dream. And this escapism was easy to accomplish when productions were put on hold in an attempt to stop the spread of Coronavirus. When it came time for creators to go back to work, some decided to incorporate the pandemic into their storylines or even write whole screenplays dedicated to what it’s like falling in love during this time (‘Love in Dangerous Times’ and ‘Locked Down’ for example).

Some of these made sense, because of course doctors in a ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ world would deal with something of this nature. Much like ‘Succession’ actress Sarah Snook pointed out in a recent interview about the upcoming season, wealthy families such as the Roy’s would not be affected by Covid-19 because of their privilege. This is a very valid reason, but I don’t think it’s the only one that should be valid.

The pandemic has infiltrated and taken over so much of our daily lives, why shouldn’t entertainment be what it’s always been? A way to distract ourselves and bask in the insanity of some other family’s “problems” for 45 minutes at a time. Rather than trying to find a half-baked way of fitting in a pandemic storyline when we’re already living in one, television should focus on what humanity really needs right now: a moment of distraction and a moment to breathe.

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