Summer Campaign, Share a Coke.

Coca Cola is dominating the summer with their new social media campaign, Share A Coke! The messaging is simple: Cokes are a great refreshing summer drink, so why not share them with someone? The promotional campaign replaces the Coke logo with common popular names among millennials like Liam, Matt, Sarah, Anna, etc., telling people that if they have a friend by this name, give them a Coke and if they don‘t, make one! It’s fun, simple and fits perfectly with our social media enveloped world. In addition, you can now also “tweet a Coke” to friends through Twitter! For $5 you can send your friend a tweet that they can claim as an e-card and redeem at select theaters. In short, if I find a Coke with my name on it, I am definitely buying it. And if anyone decides to tweet me a Coke, my summer will be made.


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