Super-Natural Beauty

“With great power comes great responsibility”, but in the case of a certain Megan Fox, that popular quote from Spider Man can be altered to “With super-natural good looks, come many problems”. Fox has always received flak for not being natural; that she has had plastic surgery done. In an interview in 2010 in the magazine Allure, Fox said that any woman that was considering having a procedure done should get therapy instead. She insists that the desire to have a surgery done stems from insecurities about oneself, not just a body part being out of shape. She took her “fight” a step further, by uploading pictures on July 7th to her Facebook account, naming the album “Things You Can’t Do With Your Face When You Have BOTOX”, which are attached with this article. She’s seen gasping, scrunching up her forehead, and raising her eyebrows. Comments and opinions on the album range from die-hard fans admiring Megan Fox, to disbelievers showing that they are still not buying what Fox is selling.


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