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Supreme Court Ruled in Favor of High School Cheerleader Who Cursed Online

The Supreme Court sided with Brandi Levy, a former high school student in Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania, who used vulgar words on Snapchat back in 2017. Levy, then 14, wrote “F— school f— softball f— cheer f— everything,” on the social media platform, expressing frustration after not making the varsity cheerleading team at her school. 

After the photo was seen by the cheerleading coaches, Levy was suspended from the junior varsity team with the school claiming that she violated various school rules. Levy and her family have sued the school for violating her freedom of speech, and now the High Court has ruled 8-1 in favor of Levy. The majority opinion is penned by Justice Stephen Breyer. 

The Supreme Court found Mahanoy Area High School went too far with the punishment since Levy wrote the message on social media while she was off campus, which means she was protected by the First Amendment. However, Justice Breyer wrote that there are still some speeches made off campus that the school can regulate, such as bullying, harassment, or threats aimed at teachers or other students. Levy is now 18 and a freshman at Bloomsburg University.


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