Suspect Arrested In Attack On Asian Woman In NYC

The suspect involved in the random box-cutter attack on a 59-year-old Asian woman in NYC has been arrested and charged with a hate crime, police said.

Anthony Evans, 30, was caught on camera slashing the 59-year-old woman Sunday morning as she was walking along Seventh Avenue near West 42nd Street in Manhattan, authorities say. Evans– who had been previously arrested more than 30 times– was arrested by the NYPD on Tuesday in Manhattan and charged with assault as a hate crime and criminal possession of a weapon.

The woman is so disturbed and frightened by the attack that she won’t leave her home, she told ABC News New York Station, adding that the attack caused heavy bleeding.

The victim’s daughter told The Post on Monday that the assault had left her mother traumatized, saying that the attack was “a very violent event, a very violent thing to do,” and “I wouldn’t wish this upon anybody — even my worst enemies.”

“I hope it wasn’t for malicious reasons,” the daughter continued. “I just want to make sure that it’s clear that we don’t know what is the motivation behind the attack,” she added. “If it’s mental health-related, I hope [the suspect is] found and receive[s] the necessary treatment. If the perpetrator had malicious reasons, I hope they’re found and prosecuted

On Tuesday, the daughter who asked to remain nameless told The Post that her mother was content that the suspect had been arrested, saying “​​My mom is happy an arrest has been made and that the perpetrator is off the streets.”
According to the NYPD and their crime data, hate crimes in New York City are up 13.3%. Asian American groups called for more action to try and prevent such crimes from continuing to happen.

“While anti-Asian violence may no longer garner media headlines, this attack, as well as the others in mid-July, are a reminder that Asian New Yorkers continue to suffer violence and its inevitable consequence – fear, and mental anguish,” said Jo-Ann Yoo, executive director of the Asian American Federation, in an e-mailed statement to The Post.


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