Suspect in Custody After School Shooting in Texas

Early this morning, a gunman, whose identity has yet to be released, opened fire outside Lamar High School in Arlington, Texas. Not much information has been released yet, but we do know that at least two students were injured and that the suspect, who is believed to be a 17-year-old male, has been detained. 

What We Know So Far

The gunman started shooting around 6:55 am, but classes do not start until 7:35, so the school was not at full capacity as students and faculty were still just starting to arrive. The suspect in custody opened fire in one of the parking lots outside Lamar High School.

One male student was shot and taken to the hospital by ambulance, as he was in critical condition. A female student was impacted by debris from the shooting and appears to have non-life-threatening injuries, but her parents still took her to the hospital to err on the side of caution. Assuming that all or most people involved are minors, the names of the students have not been made public thus far.  

Although the police were able to make an arrest when they arrived at the scene, they continued to do a thorough investigation of the school until 10:40 am before giving the all-clear. Classes have ceased for the remainder of the day and students were sent to a reunification center where they were released to their guardians at noon. Parents were trying to pick up their kids directly from Lamar High School, but police urged everyone to stay away from campus so they could further their investigation. 

Since the shooter never actually entered the school, police believe it may have been a targeted attack, and they don’t think the gunman had any intentions of shooting students inside the campus. However, the motive behind this shooting is still unknown. It is also uncertain at this moment if the suspect in custody was a student at Lamar High School.


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