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On MLK Day, Biden Says Americans Must Commit to King’s Work

Monday, on Martin Luther King Day, President Joe Biden took the opportunity to remind Americans that we must commit to continuing the unfished work of Martin Luther King Jr. For Biden that means delivering jobs and justice and protecting “the sacred right to vote, a right from which all other rights flow,” President Biden said.

Charles McGee, One of the Last Surviving Tuskegee Airmen, Dies at 102

On Sunday one of the last Tuskegee Airmen pilots still alive in 2022, Charles McGee, died. It was announced by his loved ones that he died peacefully in his sleep. At 102, he was also the oldest surviving Tuskegee Airmen. “He had his right hand over his heart and was smiling serenely,” his youngest daughter, Yvonne McGee, said in a statement.

Groundbreaking Icon and Legendary Actor, Sidney Poitier, Dies at 94

Groundbreaking Icon and Legendary Actor, Sidney Poitier, Dies at 94

Hollywood, and the world as a whole, has lost one of the most impactful actors to ever grace the silver screen as groundbreaking actor, Sidney Poitier, has died at 94. Poitier was the first Black person to ever win an Academy Award for best actor. He transformed how Black people were portrayed on screen, and greatly shifted the film industry and the world. Poitier is an inspiration for not just Black actors, but for all actors who strive for something more in the industry.

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