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Taiwanese Fashion Designer, Sami Chen made her way to America at a young age to pursue her dream of becoming a top designer in the fashion world.

Over the years, her journey to success was met with adversity, but she had an extremely strong support system in her Mother.  Her Mother’s love and support helped Sami get through the challenges of the fashion industry.   That same love and support became the inspiration for Sami’s work.  Sami Chen’s designs are a restoration of pure love for design and a space of non-judgment, an open forum – For the craft. For the idea. For the person. Chen’s design lies in her personality, functionality, and her universality. She developed a physical and mental space for creation using her imagination and connection to Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, as a metaphor of how it was like for her to move to America.
Her meticulous attention to detail, her vision, creativity and passion for design, have thrusted Sami Chen to the forefront of the fashion community with her own clothing brand, Happyfish Designs.
Happyfish Designs, utilizes a number of bold ideas that are unique and innovative, placing her brand as a trendsetter in the fashion world.
With Sami’s collections, she uses a series of original flat pattern making techniques to create a median between contemporary & high end womenswear. Sami continues to finalize new designs as well as capture her creativity for future collections. With such an extraordinary and brilliant mind, she has set the bar high for new and discovering designers that come after.
As she manufactures and distributes trendsetting fashion, she continues to generously support, The Cristian Rivera Foundation. As she opened the 2019 New York Fashion Week with her mind blowing runway show that involved Miss America’s, Nia Franklin, alongside life size robots, Sami dedicated her special opening event to The Cristian Rivera Foundation. With Outstanding designs and breathtaking models, she continues to use her talents to help The Cristian Rivera Foundation raise awareness and money for kids battling D.I.P.G and other forms of pediatric brain cancer.
With all the success in such a short period of time, the young Sami Chen does not stop here. Talented, beautiful and well respected, Sami Chen is just getting started in achieving her goal of placing Happyfish Designs as a global leader in the fashion industry.


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