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Taylor Swift’s recent Instagram post hints at a Red album re-recording

After her album Evermore made history with a record number of vinyl sales in one week, Taylor Swift released a remix of her hit song “willow” to celebrate. On June 3, Swift announced the remix on Instagram by saying that the “willow (90’s trend remix)” is a “thank you” to her fans after they “did the nicest thing…and broke the record for biggest vinyl sales week… like ever?” As Swift is known for leaving social media breadcrumbs to foreshadow music releases, fans quickly posted theories on Tik Tok discussing what “like ever?” could mean.

In a viral TikTok by a self-proclaimed “#1 red stan,” a fan paired Swift’s Instagram post with her 2012 hit single, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” Because Swift says “we are never getting back together, like, ever” in the lyrics of the song, fans believe her caption suggests that Red will be the next album she re-records after her Fearless (Taylor’s Version) release in April.

However, given that a re-recording of “Wildest Dreams” from her 1989 album was featured in the Spirit Untamed movie trailer, some are convinced that her recent caption was merely written to throw fans off guard. Conspiracies in the TikTok comments of the viral video range from Swift releasing both “Red and 1989 at the same time” to “dropping her self-titled album and not the others like she’s hinted.” Despite their confusion, Swifties have certainly gained hope that a Red re-recording may be on the horizon.


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