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The 2021 Olympic opening ceremony kicks off the games

Hundreds of protestors marched outside, as Tokyo’s 2021 Olympic opening ceremony took place today. Demonstrators claimed that Tokyo should not have hosted the Olympics this year because of the pandemic. COVID cases are still at record highs in the area. Regardless, Tokyo kicked off the controversial 2021 Olympic games with a dazzling opening ceremony.

The three and a half hour event started with a variety of musical performances reflecting Japan’s culture and history. Only 950 people were permitted in the stands, including athletes, officials, and political leaders, including First Lady Jill Biden.

Around 200 different countries took part in the Parade of Nations. Competitors made their grand entrances in limited numbers– most of them were wearing masks along with their elaborate outfits. They appeared spirited and proud despite the restrictive circumstances.

Hundreds of drones became a unique visual display, forming a giant globe in the sky. The production also took a unique opportunity to showcase animated cartoons that would be used to symbolize each event,to make up for a language barrier, in a dynamic(and well choreographed!) performance.

Lastly, the Olympic torch was carried by tennis star, Naomi Osaka, who was born in Japan, and will be representing Japan in this year’s competition. The show concluded with a display of fireworks, marking the start of the games.


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