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The Alchemist: What’s Your Personal Legend?

The Alchemist follows Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd boy. For countless nights Santiago has been having a recurring dream that he believes to be prophetic. Santiago then asks a Gypsy fortune teller about the meaning of his dream. The woman interprets the dream as a prophecy telling the Santiago that he will discover a treasure at the Egyptian pyramids. The story follows him in his quest to achieve his personal legend. The book describes Personal Legends as the sole means by which an individual can live a satisfying life. In fact, the universe can only achieve perfection if all-natural things continuously undergo a cycle of achieving their Personal Legend, evolving into a higher being with a new Personal Legend, and then pursuing that new goal. The concept of individualistic pursuit of a Personal Legend exists as life’s dominant, if not only, spiritual demand and lies at the center of The Alchemist.

10 reasons to read The Alchemist:

  1. “Your personal legend” is the theme of the book. This is your destiny, that which you have always wanted to accomplish.
  2. The central character is a solo traveler. He confirms that it’s OK to be unsure of yourself as long as you keep pursuing your personal legend.
  3. It teaches you to turn down the negative noise in your life.
  • It focuses on the individual and the pursuit of individual dreams as making a positive contribution to the “Soul of the World”.
  • It shows that obstacles to one’s personal legend are merely obstacles, not blockades.
  • It challenges you to think about your own personal legend.
  • It explores the meaning of “living the dream”.
  • It encourages you not to delay the living of your legend.
  • It emphasizes constant learning.
  • It has been read by world leaders and translated into 67 languages. It’s considered an important read.

(Solo Travelers: 10 Reasons to Read The Alchemist by Janice Waugh)

If you’ve ever doubted your existence and were looking for something to tell you everything will be alright, this book will assure you that youre on the right path.


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