The Basic Art of Mindfulness and Why You Should Practice It

As a 20-something recent college graduate, one thing that is a constant source of stress and anxiety is the future that I am facing. To be more exact, I feel a deep sense of fear and anxiety towards a future that just feels uncertain. It feels like there’s a new world ending event every three months, a pandemic with its second anniversary quietly creeping up on us and an economy that seems unstable. Seemingly it is one bad week, or a lockdown, away from collapsing. It constantly feels like the future is marked with questions and feelings of doubt. I know I’m not alone in this sentiment either, just check twitter on any given day and you’ll read tweets from Millennials and Gen-Z’ers that mirror this feeling.

This is where the practice of mindfulness comes into the fold. Mindfulness is simple, it is the basic human ability to be fully present, to be fully aware of your surroundings and what you are doing. Not overly reactive and not overwhelmed by what is going on. In my eyes, mindfulness allows one to let moments of doubt and anxiety simply pass by. Keeping us from drifting off into obsessive thoughts about our past or our future; rooting us in the present, the now. The present is the most important thing for us to be focused on as it actually does affect us in the moment. Since it’s an innate ability we all can do, mindfulness is easy to incorporate into our lives. Moving meditation, walking or standing, helps to cultivate this, constant movement keep the mind active and not stuck on one thought. I highly suggest giving yourself breaks throughout the day, to give yourself a pause from all the stuff going on in life.  

This isn’t advice just for the anxious and disillusioned Millennials/Gen-Z’ers, but also for people of all ages as we all can get caught up in an intrusive thought that spirals into something worse. We all have pasts that make us feel unworthy or less than; and we all have our fears for the future, we share this earth and, in case you haven’t been paying attention, it’s kind of crazy out there. However, through practicing mindfulness we can find freedom from these dark and stressful thoughts; we can think clearly and level-headed.    

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