The Best Five Albums of 2022

Renaissance, Beyoncé

Beyoncé’s Renaissance rides the wave of disco and house’s cultural comeback. Her poignantly titled 7th studio album is breathtakingly beautiful. Beyoncé’s deep vocals pair beautifully with bouncy beats, which make anyone, no matter their mood, want to stand up and dance.

Un Verano Sin Ti, Bad Bunny

This year we were all blessed with Bad Bunny’s Glorious Album Un Verano Sin Ti. From start to finish, this album is filled with record hits anyone can enjoy. 

Natural Brown Prom Queen, Sudan Archives

Sudan Archives’ sophomore album, Natural Brown Prom Queen, is not your average album. The songs remain upbeat and somehow perfectly scratch the universal itch for good new music. No matter what your taste in music is, everyone should listen to this record. 

Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe, Big Thief

Listening to Big Thief’s fifth studio album Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe, feels like sipping a warm cup of tea on a Sunday morning. The lead singer Adrianna Lenker’s warm vocals perfectly pair with her beautifully written songs. This album’s release, with 20 self-written songs, solidifies Adrianna Lenker’s place as one of the best new singer-songwriters of this decade. 

Luv 4 Rent, Smino

Smino’s third studio album is uncategorizable. The album somehow remains sonically cohesive despite every song’s unique distinctness. After Smino’s first album blkswn he quickly rose to fame. Now, without anything to prove, the talented young artist decides to be himself and just have fun in an eclectic album anyone can enjoy. “One big thing I like about my fans is they always tell me that I make them want to be themselves,” Smino tells Complex. “That’s the best type of inspiration I think I can leave. I want to make niggas want to look inward instead of outward to other shit.”

No Rules Sandy, Sylvan Esso

The electronic pop duo Sylvan Esso recently released the delicious new album No Rules Sandy. The songs feel nostalgic, funky, and yet somehow also new. For those who are looking to stray away from purely acoustic sounds, this album is a cool breezy introduction to electronic beats.


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