The Best New Releases to Read This Summer

Summertime is classically known as the season where one can finally catch up on reading, whether you are swinging in a hammock in your backyard, tanning by the pool, or lounging on the beach. Thousands of new novels are being released this June, July, and August that vary in genres, promising all readers that there will be something that sparks your interest. 

For those who are suckers for a good romance novel, Honey & Spice by Bolu Babalola outlines a college student caught up in the mess of present-day “situationships” as she catches feelings for someone she never expected to. For those who want a bit of a more mature love story, Meant to Be Mine by Hannah Orenstein illustrates the struggles of a late-20s New Yorker trying to define what a “soulmate” really is. On the other hand, A Novel Obsession by Caitlin Barasch follows a young woman who becomes obsessed with her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, eventually befriending her, which ultimately threatens all other relationships in her life.

If you have the desire to read about a summer vacation whilst also on a summer vacation, The Summer Place by Jennifer Weiner and Vacationland by Meg Mitchell Moore both take place at summer homes on the East Coast, packed with family drama and romantic flings and conflicts. Alternatively, if you want to be heavily moved by your beach read, Our Wives Under the Sea by Julia Armfield tells the story of a miracle survival of a woman, who returns to her wife only for her to discover the fundamental change that has occurred within her following this catastrophe. 

The trope of female self-discovery is heavily present in You Made a Fool of Death With Your Beauty by Akwaeke Emezi, with the protagonist attempting to find joy in herself after the loss of a loved one. Similarly, Lucie Yi Is Not a Romantic by Lauren Ho focuses on a woman who decides to take matters into her own hands after a devastating break-up, and have a child on her own without a partner. 

These eight books, as well as many others that are set to release for this smart girl summer, will keep you entertained, engaged, and busy all season long as you escape from the realities of life and dive into these exciting narratives.


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