The Blacklist

For my winter break last year, my dad sent me to visit him in Dallas, Texas. During my visit I found myself trying to find something good to watch, seeing that I don’t watch much TV anymore. Then I found The Blacklist on Netflix. My dad left for work Monday morning at about 6:00 am and when he arrived back home at 6:30 pm, there I was still sitting in my pajamas with my eyes glued to the television! I was stuck! I stayed at my dad’s for five days and within that time, I completed two and a half episodes of the show. I eventually had my dad hooked on the show too! I could not wait until the next morning, after catching up on some sleep, to start a new episode. 

The suspense, crime, drama, action, and romance are all captivating in this TV series. This suspenseful crime drama debuted back in 2013, with the first seasons’ episode airing that Septemeber. The Blacklist is coming up on its seventh year next month. Created by Jon Bokenkamp, The Blacklist has created seven complete seasons. It was announced during their 150th episode that NBC renewed the show for a season 8!

Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington, played by James Spader, is an ex-government agent who has been on the FBI’s most wanted fugitive list for decades. Reddington decides to turn himself in to the  FBI, but he does this with a few hidden agendas. One of those hidden agendas being to protect his possible daughter Elizabeth Keen, played by Megan Boone. Keen is then hired by the FBI because Reddington requests that he only works closely with her. The FBI begins using Reddington and Keen to solve some of the most impossible and top-secret cases ever and catch other top fugitives.

Back in October, the latest season of The Blacklist TV show aired on NBC. Season 7 aired on October 4, 2019, and was supposed to include up to 20 episodes. The season was due to air its season finale on May 15, 2020. However, Coronavirus forced production to be put on hold, like it has forced many other businesses, movies, and TV shows to do. This led to the last two episodes of The Blacklist being put on hold, ruining the season finale. 

However, we all anticipate our favorite show finale, right? Well, The Blacklist producers understood how much a finale means to their viewers. They also figured that we all are probably binge-watching our favorite shows during this pandemic anyway. So, they still aired on the finale date, May 15, but did it in a creative way. The production team decided to air an animated finale. With a mix of animation and actual production scenes, the episode was still just as good as the others. Although viewers like myself appreciated production creativity and the ability to still see the season finale, I hope it is not in the plans to make more animated episodes. I believe the storyline and details of the show work better without animated scenes. 

Here is season 7 trailer

Catch the animated episode of season 7 here on NBC:

By: Cle’anna Moore


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