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The Controversy Surrounding Insatiable

Insatiable is a story about revenge that has sparked an incredible amount of controversy in the world of television. Despite this, viewers are finding that it is also a guilty pleasure. With a mix of comedy, drama, romance, and mystery, this series will keep you at the edge of your seat while you also question its offensive scenes.

Played by Debby Ryan, Patty Bladell transforms from the laughingstock of the school to a bombshell beauty queen. Once Patty meets the character Robert, this dynamic duo works together to navigate the cutthroat pageant world. The show is essentially a series of twists and turns that are so unexpected, viewers cannot help but keep watching. The praise that Patty gets for her weight loss is part of what has given the show a lot of backlash.

Although there are elements of humor in this show, it is impossible to ignore the controversy surrounding the series. The show does touch upon the idea that we live in an image-obsessed society and shines light upon the dangers of binge-eating disorder. Despite this, critics state that the element of fat shaming is sending the wrong message to viewers and does not align with the message that all bodies are beautiful. The bottom line is that being overweight should not be associated with being unattractive. Aside from the fact that Patty does go through many situations where she is forced to learn that beauty is not always what you see on the surface, the show has many flaws that need correcting. The sexual innuendoes and religious aspects are borderline offensive, which has also sparked many disagreements about the show.

The characters of the show are forced to navigate the murky waters of romance and the betrayal that comes along with it. The show is so unrealistic and controversial that viewers cannot help but keep watching. Despite the popularity of the show, Netflix has cancelled it after two seasons. If you do decide to watch Insatiable, buckle up, because its plot is a rollercoaster of emotions.


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