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The gates are opening: (Sports) Live coming to Netflix

Rumors have been circling about America’s favorite platform, Netflix. Will Netflix join forces with sports and start streaming games? Viewers tend to rely on Netflix for comfort shows and romcoms but one major thing has always been missing: Sports.  Sports have never been an offering on the media giant, which spells a missed opportunity for income.
Live sports coming to Netflix in major change to streaming service -  Nottinghamshire Live

Subscriptions have been very low as Netflix has removed some fan favorites and baseball, America’s favorite pastime, has always captured audiences in season.  

 Meanwhile, the streaming platforms that have merged with major sports leagues are capitalizing on that viewship. I know for a fact my boyfriend pays 14.99 a month to stream the games but he refuses to sign up for Netflix because it has no relation to streaming golf, football, or baseball, and that is what he wants to watch on his time off. 

It seems Netflix is finally starting to take notice.

Netflix is in talks to develop its first-ever live sports event, according to people familiar with the matter who were not authorized to comment. 

Netflix is exploring a celebrity golf match in Sin City (Las Vegas) that would include Formula One Drivers and professional golfers. 

These plans were first reported by Wall Street Journal which cited anonymous sources sadly but hopes are still high. Netflix has also reportedly considered acquiring the rights to sports broadcasting, starting out by investing in smaller leagues. 

Some think that this is Netflix testing the waters on consumer demand! If we want it bad enough then it will happen, right? At least we all hope.

“They’re dipping their toe in an inexpensive way,” said Michael Pachter, a managing director of equity research at Wedbush Securities.


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