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The Genius in Love Survives for Only a Few Seasons

“The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia” is a multi-camera sitcom on Netflix that follows a teen rocket scientist named Ashley Garcia who moves into her uncle’s home to experience life as a typical teenager. Created by Mario Lopez and Seth Kurland, this lovable series only survived for two seasons. Netflix decided to opt out of the third season, leaving the show to end with a holiday special. The show, while not widely popular, garnered good reviews in the younger community. Here, we explore the show’s tropes on dealing with failure.

Ashley, the protagonist and the center of this show, graduated college when she was nine years old. She moved out from her mother’s home where her mother is often overprotective and wants her daughter to perfect everything to attain achievements at an early age. Ashley moved into charming womanizer Uncle Victor’s house where he provided flexibility on the rules for Ashley to experience high school and general life as a teenager. Uncle Victor likes meeting new people and he is a football coach for a local high school team.

One morning, Ashley wakes up to find some football players strangely staring at her when she sleeps in the living room. She is introduced to the football players in Uncle Victor’s team and gets a crush on sweet and down-to-earth Tad.

Part two of the series takes a more serious turn on integrating lessons of failure and representation of Mexican culture. For Ashley whose science project failed to get acceptance at NASA, Uncle Victor tries speaking with the football-fan NASA supervisor in hopes of turning her perspective on Ashley. The situation that Uncle Victor did to bribe the NASA supervisor with sports items made things worse for Ashley; however, Uncle Victor and Ashley found a heartwarming moment in the lesson of failure. Uncle Victor has failed the NFL before and he shares his lesson that true success is about perseverance. Ashley states that she has to succeed because if she doesn’t she will let the whole Mexican community down. After all, she is the only Mexican who works at NASA in this story.

The story pressures Ashley in being the model representation for the Mexican community, but Ashley learns a gripping lesson to accept failure. Some scientists take decades to bring their vision to life. Ashley sees that this is no longer a matter of patience, but rather an opportunity to improve on her project and spend time with people who love and support her the most.

“The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia” is available with Part 1 and Part 2 on Netflix.


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