The Hustle

I’ve pitched on corners where original gangsters told me I couldn’t, I didn’t care, my dad was “indio” all I had to do was throw his name in the air, the respect was there. The stick up kids wouldn’t dare. My dad was a hustler of all sorts, mvp in the game of death or riches, daddy died I carried out his legacy, I arose to fame, became one of the streets most recognized name if your house sold cain, it was against his wishes. It was already too late. I started using mommas plates, gem star to cookie break, after the powder turned to oil then solid all inside of a pirex, rocks first the shake is last, I used the boiling water to get the excess off the glass, did the math, bombs to the runners to run marathons so fiends can blast, cash was coming in super fast, daddy’s respect wouldn’t last, so I collided with the streets like a fatal car crash, E R’s surgery stitches staples, shit bags, death, eternal souls clashed.
When people dropped we didn’t call the cops we did our own investigations, our own forensics, full clips were emptied by the faculty we went ballistic, my team got clips emptied on too, r I p to the never forgotten youths of the 80’s, we all were babies running crazy trying to be all we can be by reaching a key.
At that day and time everyone new us, we were notorious, the top of la costra nostra list, we fended off many hits, but a lot of my guys died when I wasn’t around to stop it, I would of intervened, a street professional I would of peeped the movement, let go 16, it would of been them instead of my men in that bloody crime scene.
Since I wasn’t there I had to plan a funeral for them, kiss of death while there dressed there best laying in a coffin. Three days later burial, that same day, back on the block with the hustle apparel, a mural, a picture some liquor, candles flicker, different day same story just short another brother,
We fought hard for the throne, to become kings of the castle we held our own, the price.. Half my brothers got sent back home.
This is why I write about the game and no longer play it
Infinite the Poet
Albert Carrasco

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