The infamous cargo pants have come home

Cargo Pants filled the 2000s.  Fashion icons such as Paris Hilton walked the walk in them, and even more recently, Haley Beiber was spotted wearing them. Cargo pants disappeared for a while, but are they finally back for good? Maybe.

Cargo pants have officially come home to Abercrombie. Waking from the dead is the inescapable design from our past. Are we a little scared?  Earlier last week, the brand re-issued a version of the cargo pants that were once famous in the early 2000s. 

The pants are done up in a heavily pre faded rip-stop fabric, equipped with no other than a webbed D-ring belt, with an excess amount of large pockets. That way, you don’t have to carry a bag if life presumes you do, and you can still fit whatever your heart desires in them. The women’s cargo pants are the closest to the original, though the men’s pants also reminisce as a ghost from the relatively recent past.

Some have come out and said that they feel as though the Abercrombie 2023 cargo pants are a little bit “square” compared to some of the alternatives sold by its neighbors at the mall. But despite all of this chatter about the pants being too square, we will be seeing a lot of sales for Abercrombie, as many celebrities and fashion icons right now are looking precisely for a square pant look that would pair nicely with a belt and fancy platform flip-flops. 

Y2K style has been going viral this past year.  For those of you unfamiliar with the term Y2K, it means 2000 fashion with hot pink circling around the internet,  bejeweled jeans, and tank tops with lace. Y2K is far from going out of style. Some celebrities in on the Y2K trends are Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Devon Aoki, Janet Jackson, and more. 

The famous Abercrombie jeans are selling for 72 dollars, so if you have not already, run to grab yours now as they are almost sold out!


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