The Ivy League Council Sets an Example

The Ivy League Council of Presidents has announced that there will be no Spring sports in 2021. It will be the only conference in the NCAA’s Division I to not resume for the fourth consecutive season. According to the Council, “These decisions are grounded in public health best practices and informed by the pandemic related policies currently in place at member institutions.” In order to travel and compete, the health of the athletes and coaches could be in in jeopardy. These schools have stated that it would be impossible to travel and have large group gatherings, so practicing in smaller groups with precautions will have to do for now.

This decision is not only responsible for Ivy League schools but also sets a good example for other leagues. While sports are an important part of our culture and can be an essential part of a campus, stopping sports is one of the many ways we can slow the spread of COVID-19. In March, 2020, the Ivy League conference was the first to cancel basketball tournaments because they understood the severity of the virus.

It is important to applaud the Ivy League Council for staying true to their decision despite backlash and pressure. While they recognize the importance of sports, they understand that campus policies apply to their athletic programs. Many have disagreed and spoken out about their actions, but I personally hope that other schools and sport leagues follow in their footsteps.


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