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The Las Vegas Grand Prix showcases new features for its racing track

The Las Vegas Grand Prix has showcased unique features in its track design that highlight the city’s culture by adding playing card symbols. Including hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs on the track kerbs, as a nod to Las Vegas history with casinos, gaming, and a departure from F1 traditions.

In addition to the playing card symbols for the track, there were other alterations made to the pit garage signage, showcasing a similar playing card design.

Previously, the Las Vegas Grand Prix had made other alterations including changing the term ‘Paddock’ with ‘Pit Building’ due to the Stephen Paddock’s tragic incident in 2017.

Sports Illustrated speculates that this massive event will be one of the largest events in F1 history despite low ticket sales. Since its announcement, other companies have joined in to participate.

Recently, Scuderia Ferrari unveiled a new American-themed livery for its SF-23 F1 car to be showcased at the Grand Prix in celebration of its history within the U.S.

Popular gaming company Electronic Arts (EA) is running a Free to Play event on F1 23 in celebration of the Las Vegas Grand Prix from November 16 to 20 for console and PC players.

“Las Vegas is an iconic venue which takes in one of the most famous stretches of tarmac in the world. I’ve loved watching the team build such a wonderful virtual recreation of the vibrance and energy of the Strip,” said Lee Mather, Senior Creative Director at Codemasters.

With all of these events gathering around the Las Vegas Grand Prix and the recent rise in popularity of F1 in pop culture, this race is looking to be quite influential in the future of the sport.


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