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The Latest Sports Postponements and Cancellation Due to Covid-19

The new surge of Covid-19 cases and the rise of the omicron variant have caused many problems in major sports events. Several professional leagues and university sports programs are forced to change their game plan in the face of positive tests or exposure to coronavirus. 

Many athletes are also being asked to quarantine themselves due to the league’s protocols. The National Hockey League said that after the two games on Tuesday, it would pause the current season until after Christmas Day. 

All four of Wednesday’s games and ten of the 15 games on Thursday had been postponed, and they are scheduled to resume on December 27. There have now been 49 games postponed, 44 of them since December 13. Due to the disruption of the games and the pandemic, the NHL and NHLPA announced that they are “actively discussing whether players should participate in the 2022 Beijing Olympics.”

The NFL postponed 15 games as of Friday. 29 players from The Rams had been placed on the Covid-19/Reserve list and 23 players from the Washington Football team were also put on the list, including its first and second-string quarterbacks.

“From the outset of the coronavirus pandemic, our focus has been to play our games in a safe and responsible way, consistent with the best available medical and public health advice, based on protocols jointly developed and implemented with the NFL Players Association,” Commissioner Roger Goodell wrote. 

The NCAA’s calendar for its men’s basketball has been turned upside down with dozens of games canceled or postponed. 

The NBA also announced their postponements of five games due to Covid-19 related issues within several teams in the league. The Brooklyn Nets, Cleveland Cavaliers, Orlando Magic, and Philadelphia 76ers each have large portions of their rosters and other team staff in the league’s Health and Safety protocol. No details were provided about rescheduling of the affected games.


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