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The Major Flaws of Reality TV Shows for Finding “True” Love 

Love Island, Perfect Match, Too Hot to Handle – you name it. These are just a few of the reality shows created to help people find love. But does the structure of these shows actually benefit the participants’ chances of finding their forever person? Are everyone’s motives pure? 

Currently, Love Island USA is booming with viewers, and clips are trending all over social media. Personally, I am invested in every minute of this show, but not for the love aspect. Every episode is filled with challenges/games that claim to strengthen each couple’s connection. However, most episodes involve confrontation, tears, or a new participant entering/homewrecking a couple. 

When taking a step back to consider the value of this genre of television, it not only makes you question its authenticity but also the naturality of the participants. Is the camera too much pressure? Or is the camera all that they want? 

There have been many cases over the years where a pair finds love, only for it to end in a scandal. A prime example is from Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette in 2019. At the end of the season, she chose Jed Wyatt to spend the rest of her life with. It all went downhill after he got down on one knee. Just days after his proposal, word spread that Jed went on the show to promote his music, not expecting to make a connection with Hannah. To make matters worse, he was allegedly seeing someone back home and never broke it off with her before going onto the show. 

Sadly, our generation is cluttered with facades and false hopes. No amount of dating shows will ever compare to the simplicity of meeting someone organically. If you are struggling to find a partner, I would not recommend applying to Reality TV. Your chances of finding love are greater if you stick to your go-to dating apps.


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