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The Man with the Pan… (And the Really Quick Temper)

Gordon Ramsay is a very – intense chef, to say the least. He’s been featured on 9 seasons of Hell’s Kitchen and 5 of Kitchen Nightmares, both with impressive ratings. With the success of last season and the 10th season in tow beginning Tuesday May 29th at 8pm, seasons 11 and 12 have already been renewed. Last season garnered a viewership of 3.4% and 7.5 million viewers which was a 3% increase from the season before. Kitchen Nightmares has also been renewed for a 6th season.
But who is Gordon Ramsay, exactly? Well, you’d be surprised to find that his original intentions didn’t include food at all. The barking culinary genius was pursuing a career in soccer in his home of Stratford-upon-Avon in England, but when he sustained an injury that ended that hope, he went back to college for hotel management and soon began to work with some of the world’s most renowned chefs.
It was 1993 when Ramsay began as a chef at Aubergine in London and in just three years after his addition, scored two Michelin stars, a prestigious award of the “Red Guide” of restaurants in major cities which means “excellent cuisine, worth a detour.” When Gordon’s own restaurant, opened in 1998, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay was later awarded three stars, representing “exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey.” We can’t wait to tune in and see what this season will bring, more Ramsay? We’re in.


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