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The Matthew Perry Foundation launches to help those struggling with addiction

Matthew Perry’s untimely death has sent shockwaves across the entertainment industry and reopened the conversation around substance addiction. Recently, a new foundation to assist those struggling with addiction has been established by his loved ones in Perry’s name. According to People Magazine, Perry had plans to establish a foundation for substance abuse victims. Previously in 2013, Perry had even founded a men’s sober living facility named Perry House that he briefly ran from his old home in Malibu Beach.

The Matthew Perry Foundation’s website noted Perry’s commitment to helping those with addiction in life within its mission statement.

“The Matthew Perry Foundation is the realization of Matthew’s enduring commitment to helping others struggling with the disease of addiction. It will honor his legacy and be guided by his own words and experiences and driven by his passion for making a difference in as many lives as possible,” the statement read.

Alongside the statement the website displayed a quote from Perry last November, discussing his eagerness to combat addiction.

“When I die, I don’t want ‘Friends’ to be the first thing that’s mentioned — I want helping others to be the first thing that’s mentioned. And I’m going to live the rest of my life proving that,” said Perry. “Addiction is far too powerful for anyone to defeat alone. But together, one day at a time, we can beat it down.”


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