The NBA Has Gotten Soft

The issue I want to bring up today is the softness of the NBA. I mean, just look at the photo above. Recently, John Wall said something that got me thinking. In an interview with former NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas, Wall said, “A lot of guys are too friendly now. Like [Arenas’] era, they weren’t friendly, they tried to rip each others’ heads off. Now it’s like guys buddy-buddy.”

I completely agree. Up until 2010, basketball was rough, aggressive, mean, and passionate. Guys would love playing down low and dunking on people and playing in the post, but now everyone wants to play fancily, with finesse, and on the perimeter and three-point line. It was normal to see 4-5 scuffles or fights every night in the association because every night was a battle and teams would play passionately and with hustle till the whistle. Nowadays, it feels like there are only a handful of players who are passionate about winning and lay it all out on the line while the rest play for stats or recognition. Overall, competitiveness and aggression in the NBA are at an all-time low, and it is not fun to see.


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