The Playboy Bunny Runaway Bride

Crystal Harris, Hugh Hefner’s fiancée, is a real-life runaway bride. Just 5 days before walking down the aisle she walked out of the Playboy Mansion saying the wedding is off. Crystal, 25 and Hef, 85 had a nasty argument on the phone, which was apparently big enough to end the marriage. A bigger allowance and a career in the music biz was all the Playboy Bunny was asking for. Crystal was fed up with the ‘couple hundred dollar’ weekly allowance she got from Playboy and was ready to make her own dough. Even with the wedding just a few days away, sources said that Crystal was solely focused on launching her music career. Those involved with planning the massive wedding said that Crystal felt like she “couldn’t be married to Hef and have a successful music career.” Crystal just probably got cold feet. The wedding was supposed to happen Saturday, which would have been Hef’s third marriage. At least he wasn’t left hanging at the altar.


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