The Recycling of Fashion: The Thrifting Trend

Fashion trends are always circulating on the internet; we see how events influence fashion, like how the pandemic influenced more comfortable clothes. We also see figures influencing fashion, like the Kardashians, celebrities, influencers, supermodels, TikTokers, and more. Regular people now also influence fashion; TikTok has become a platform for everyone to share their personal style and unintentionally influence others. We’ve seen how culture influenced fashion trends as well. 

The thing about fashion is that it recycles itself. In the past couple of years, we have seen the trend of thrifting, how people buy and wear secondhand clothes. Thrifting has created a lot of fashion trends. 

If you think about what would be displayed in thrift stores, they are all vintage and old clothes, which brings back old trends. 

Some of the trends that circulated back thanks to thrifting are maxi and Medi skirts, oversized button-up shirts, and more.  

Now we start questioning why people started thrifting so much. 

There are a lot of reasons why people started thrifting. Sustainability and environmental movements are what started the concept of thrifting among young individuals. While that’s a great reason behind it, there is more to it. 

Thrift shopping tends to be more affordable (unless they are vintage pieces). People started realizing that they could save money and still get good pieces. People now thrift everything: glassware, furniture, accessories, and more. 

Another big reason why people thrift is because the pieces you find are often unique. Probably because they are discontinued pieces and older styles that they don’t make anymore. It is also rewarding when you stumble upon a unique find in a thrift store. 

The act of thrift shopping differs from regular shopping. My friends and I are religious thrift shoppers, so talking with them about why they prefer thrifting to regular shopping was interesting. 

Some feel like thrift shopping is more personal and that some pieces just speak to them.  While others maybe didn’t care as much and considered thrift shopping just like any other form of shopping, which goes to show how it has become normalized. 

Thrifting can be a great way to create a unique personal style with all the unique pieces you can find; then, your purchase is justified because you are saving the planet.


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