The Rise of Grocery Delivery Apps

If you walk around anywhere in New York City, you might’ve started to notice people riding on bikes or scooters with bright helmets and big delivery bags on their backs. If not, then you’ve might’ve seen huge ads about apps that will allow you to order your groceries and get them within 15 minutes. This is because we are in the boom of a new industry: grocery delivery services.

I don’t mean grocery stores allowing you to order groceries, I mean grocery stores that were designed for the sole purpose of delivery; no one goes in except workers who pack your groceries and workers who go and deliver those groceries. The only way you can buy these groceries is by using the app, you don’t have to leave your house at all. The frontrunner of this new industry is a company called Fridge No More. The others are one called Joker, and another called Gorillas, but that only scratches the surface. There are other stores like Getir, Gopuff, or 15-20 whose name is just based on how fast they can get you the groceries. It almost feels like there is a new store that opens every month.

This might be a sign that the idea is a good one, not to mention that in a pandemic the service is very useful as we’ve had to lockdown at points and quarantine at other points. The question is though, how long will this last. Is this the next step in grocery stores or will it all fall? I mean this to say that stores like Fridge No More are rapidly expanding and the competition seems to just be doing the same. All these stores put their locations near their competition almost purposely, which makes me believe that at some point, these places might just cannibalize each other. I guess at that point, whoever is still standing the longest would be the winner.


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